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I have always liked Front Line Assembly, this track is my proverbial "tip my hat" to that style, while still maintaining my own identity of course. In this story we are following someone who fanatically judges an unknown victim. The victim is rather innocent, but the main character in our story is more obsessed with his plans that he never stops to ask the important questions. This is definitely a male character here.


I’m drowning in your senselessness
the room is spinning in your arrogance,
I see the narcissism you project.
You act as if you’re the dawn of ascension,
you want to be my reason for invention,
but instead I’m disgusted by your
need for attention.

I see the ego that you hide,
a vanity you can’t disguise.
I'll take what good will's left inside
and leave a vacuum of your mind.
I pity pride.
The time draws near to reveal my invasion
to my enemy.
You appear to be blind on occasion,
to destiny.
So as I pretend to struggle in your web,
you approach with your fangs open.
That’s when the trap springs it’s revelation,
and I proceed to take my vindication.

you’re strapped into the chair,
there’s anger in your stare.
Soon, anger turns to fright
as agony’s in sight.

The dread rising in you is clear.
The growing danger’s drawing near,
I bind my arms around you dear.
I wipe your face and taste your tears.
I pity fear.

The drawing of the tune.
The singing of your doom.
The signing of the time.
The ending of your lie.

I reminisce upon our past,
your dying breath at my command.
Intoxicated in this power,
I’ll stare into your helplessness
for hours.

I'll shed the secrets from your skin,
and bare the fruit that lies within.
Purge all deviance from your soul,
and watch the pages of your flesh

With the turning of the screw
the truth is coming into view.
The web you’ve spun is torn into
and there is nothing more to do.
I pity you.


from Lycanthrope, released June 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Le Hearse Minneapolis, Minnesota

Le Hearse is a collection of synthesizers, drum machines, midi cables, 10 fingers, and a lot of programming.

It's creator is Charles Sadler, who is a musician and composer who lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Charles Sadler believes in the fair treatment of DJ's and also small pets.
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